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Environmental Advice

Environmental Code of Conduct

Everyone can help this program by taking action to protect the environment, following the instructions contained in the Marina de Portimão’s Environmental Code of Conduct.

  • Please do not discard waste at sea or along the coast.
  • Do not discharge toilet water out to sea, near the coast or in sensitive areas.
    Please contact the Marina de Portimão to collect waste water from your vessel with specialized equipment.
  • Do not discharge poisonous or toxic waste (namely oil, paint, used batteries, cleaning products, etc) in the sea. Please deposit this waste in the in the dedicated containers located in the Marina.
  • Eco Pontos
  • Use the dedicated containers for recycling (glass, paper, etc).
  • When acquiring or using paints, anti-fouling compounds, paint removers, detergents or others, you should give preference to "environmentally friendly” efficient products, already available in the market.
  • Torneira
  • Reduce your water consumption. Avoid washing your vessel with running water. Use hose guns instead.
  • Pollution or other infractions to the environmental protection rules should be reported immediately to the Marina de Portimão's management or the authorities.
  • Sol
  • Use solar panels for heating water. Take advantage of what Algarve’s climate has to offer.
  • Do not engage in prohibited fishing practices and please respect the Closed Fishing Periods.
  • Protect the fauna and flora by not disturbing the reproduction of marine birds or mammals.
  • Avoid damaging the seabed, as when anchoring your vessel, for instance.
  • Do not disturb fisheries, or cause damage to fishermen’s’ tackle.
  • Do not acquire or use objects made of protected species or submarine archaeological findings.

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